LeafFilter Review: Pricey Gutter Guards but Worth the Cost

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Maintaining clean and functional gutters is an essential part of any home maintenance plan. Clogged gutters lead to water damage and foundation issues. Gutter guards protect your gutter system and reduce your maintenance. LeafFilter offers an innovative solution for keeping your gutters debris-free. 

With a focus on functionality, durability, and long-term value, we investigated gutter guards to bring you a comprehensive LeafFilter company review, so you can eliminate some of your gutter maintenance and explore how LeafFilter defines gutter protection.

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LeafFilter at a Glance

Product Specifications

Gutter Guard TypeMicro-mesh
Materials275-micron stainless steel, uPVC
ColorsBeige, black, brown, gray, green, white
Attachment MethodsNon-invasive


Online quote and estimate
Free inspection

Main Features

How many states do they serve?41 (Excluding: AK, FL, HI, IA, MD, OR, SD, VT, WA)
Installation optionsProfessional installation only
WarrantyLifetime transferable

LeafFilter Gutter Protection Highlights

Founder Matt Kaulig started LeafFilter in 2005 from his basement. The award-winning company has grown into one of the largest home improvement companies in the U.S. LeafFilter is on a mission to not only provide the best gutter covers but to pair every solution with outstanding customer service that goes above and beyond expectations.  

What Are Gutter Guards and How Do They Work?

Gutter guards go by many names, including gutter covers and gutter screens. They are devices installed on top of new or existing gutter systems to block debris from entering and clogging your gutters. Gutter guards prevent overflow, water damage, foundation erosion, and landscape injury and lower your gutter maintenance needs. 

The protective devices come in various materials and types, including screens, mesh, brushes, and foam inserts. Gutter guards reduce the amount of debris that accumulates in your gutters, but they are not completely maintenance-free. Smaller debris may still find its way into your system and require periodic cleaning (see our gutter guard maintenance guide). 

In 2022, LeafFilter agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging its systems are not entirely maintenance free and leaves, twigs, pollen, and other buildup may accumulate on top of its gutter protection system.  

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LeafFilter Key Features

LeafFilter focuses on providing the best gutter guard solutions to minimize cleaning coupled with quality customer service from beginning to end.

Product Details

LeafFilter’s gutter protection system is a three-piece system installed over new or existing gutters. The patented gutter guards feature 275-micron, surgical-grade stainless steel mesh to block small debris like pine needles and a durable uPVC frame with built-in pitch to shed debris.  

Reinforced internal hangers attach the system to your roof’s fascia boards, while the uPVC frame offers durability, protecting against warping and deterioration. The completely sealed gutter protection system uses surface tension, micro-mesh, and a built-in pitch to help eliminate your gutter maintenance.  

Cost of LeafFilter

LeafFilter offers personal, one-on-one estimates to determine the exact cost of your new gutter protection system based on the size required in linear feet. The company offers senior and military discounts and 12-month financing. As a guide, gutter guard installation costs an average of $1,448, depending on the type you select and the size of your project. 

How LeafFilter Works

LeafFilter’s three-piece gutter guards maximize the protection of your gutter system and effectively manage water flow. Micro-mesh guards are some of the most effective on the market. LeafFilter’s 275-micron mesh blocks even the smallest debris particles like shingle grit and dirt. 

The company’s system features a built-in pitch to further protect your gutters from debris, while the durable, gapless construction withstands weight. All LeafFilter protection systems attach to fascia boards, eliminating potential damage to roofing materials.  

Installation Process 

LeafFilter has a team of technicians across 41 states to inspect and install gutter guards, using a simple three-step process.

  1. Inspect: A LeafFilter technician evaluates your roof and existing gutter system to provide you with a free gutter quote and identifies areas of concern to address during your installation. Many locations offer next-day services.
  1. Prep: After scheduling your installation, a technician repairs and cleans your existing gutters to correct pitch, seal seams, and address damage. 
  1. Install: Your gutter installer secures your LeafFilter gutter guards onto your gutter system and cleans up all debris and materials from the project. They walk you through your new system and provide lifetime customer support and a lifetime warranty. 

Installation typically takes a few hours to one day to complete. 


LeafFilter offers a lifetime transferable warranty, guaranteeing your system remains 100% clog-free, and your warranty transfers to the new homeowners if you decide to sell your home. 

How to Get a Quote and Order Service

LeafFilter makes it easy to request a quote and schedule your free estimate. 

Step 1: Visit leaffilter.com. Enter your ZIP code and click “Get Estimate.”

LeafFilter get estimate

Step 2: Fill out the pop-up form. You will receive a confirmation message, and a sales representative will contact you shortly to schedule your free inspection.

Additionally, you can call 1-800-290-6106 to speak with a LeafFilter expert.

LeafFilter popup form

LeafFilter Customer Reviews

Durable: “My installer was very organized. He laid out all the sections, cleaned and sealed my gutters, then installed the LeafFilter system. He cleaned up all the old material. This is my second house with LeafFilter gutter guards. My first system was over 10 years old and still going strong.” – Dan D., Trustpilot

Outstanding service: LeafFilter provided a wonderful experience from start to finish. The sales rep was kind and thoroughly explained everything. The installer was efficient and knowledgeable. I haven’t had any gutter issues since my installation.” – Dana G., BBB

Subcontracted: “The product is great and works well. Unfortunately, after being told by LeafFilter that they use dedicated professional installers, I was surprised when a subcontractor with no LeafFilter experience was assigned to my installation. No quality control inspection took place, and they did not repair or clean my gutters. I am happy with the product and enjoyed the sales process, but the installation was severely lacking and not what I paid for.” – Eliot S., Google

Overall rating: 4.4

Our rating is based on the average star rating for 100,000 reviews found on Google, Better Business Bureau, and Trustpilot.

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Pros and Cons of LeafFilter

Positive reviews rave about product quality, clean gutters, and top-tier customer service and salespeople, while negative reviews include customer complaints about high prices and subcontractors doing a poor job installing LeafFilter’s gutter guard systems. 

✓ Durable construction 
✓ 100% clog-free guarantee
✓ Lifetime warranty
✓ Excellent customer service and sales reps
✓ Universal fit
✗ Expensive
✗ Pricing information unavailable
✗ Many areas use subcontractors with less LeafFilter installation experience
✗ Class action lawsuit questioned business tactics and products

Alternatives to LeafFilter

LeafFilter offers high-quality sales and installation services, complete with gutter cleaning and repair, but it isn’t the only gutter guard company helping homeowners eliminate debris and survive heavy rain. Check out some of the competition.

  • HomeCraft Gutter Protection provides stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards with durable aluminum frames that are backed by professional installation services and a transferable warranty. Check out our in-depth HomeCraft review.
  • Gutter Helmet combines built-in slope and solid construction to create its patented nose-forward design that protects your gutters from all sizes of debris, preventing water damage and insect infestation. 

FAQ About LeafFilter

Can I DIY install LeafFilter gutter guards?

No. LeafFilter offers free inspections and professional installation services in 41 states, ensuring proper balance and stability. The high-quality gutter guards are not available for purchase in retail stores. 

Is LeafFilter compatible with all types of gutters? 

Yes. LeafFilter products are compatible with most residential standard gutters, including aluminum, stainless steel, and vinyl. The gutter protection systems work with most roof types and materials. Consult a LeafFilter professional installer to determine the compatibility of your system.  

Will LeafFilter’s gutter guards affect my roof’s warranty?

No. LeafFilter installers use non-invasive installation techniques to attach the gutter guards to your roof’s fascia boards without penetrating or interfering with your roofing materials. 

Is LeafFilter Right for You?

LeafFilter offers a durable solution to keep your gutters free from debris, reducing your risk of water damage and clogs. However, the company has made claims it cannot back up, and some customers are frustrated by low-quality subcontractors. 

If you’re ready to take a chance and in the market for a low-maintenance gutter protection system backed by a 100% clog-free guarantee and lifetime warranty, contact a sales representative at LeafFilter to learn how its three-piece system can help you cut down on your gutter maintenance.

If you want advice on other gutter guard options or assistance with gutter maintenance tasks, contact a local gutter expert.

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