LeafGuard Review: Seamless and Strong but Pricey

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Gutter guards protect your roof and gutter system. LeafGuard offers a comprehensive solution in a seamless package for keeping your gutters clog-free, but is it right for you? Our review looks at LeafGuard’s products, prices, warranty, and customer ratings.

Our goal? To help you choose the right gutter guards for your home. 

LeafGuard at a Glance

Product Specifications

Gutter Guard TypeGutter system
Attachment MethodsNon-invasive


Online quote and estimate
Free inspection

Main Features

How many states do they serve?36 (Excluding: AK, AZ, DE, HI, ME, MS, MT, NV, NM, ND, RI, SD, WV, WY)
Installation optionsProfessional installation only
WarrantyLifetime transferable

LeafGuard Highlights

CEO Herb Englert began installing seamless, custom-fit gutters in 1966 under the company Englert Inc. In 1988, he was introduced to his first gutter guards. Englert spent years field-testing new designs until finally introducing his patented one-piece gutter guard system in 1993. Ever since, the LeafGuard brand has been on a mission to go above and beyond the industry standard and keep all home gutters debris-free with its “get it and forget it” systems. 

What Are Gutter Guards and How Do They Work?

Gutter guards, or gutter covers, are protective devices that minimize the amount of debris accumulation in your gutters, reducing the frequency of your gutter cleaning. They prevent clogs and help maintain proper water flow, which protects your home’s foundation, prevents water damage to your roof and walls, and reduces your risk of basement flooding.  

There are several types of gutter guards that employ various mechanisms to keep your gutters debris free, each with its own pros and cons. Some of the most popular types include screens, gutter brushes, reverse curve gutter guards, and micro-mesh guards. 

LeafGuard Key Features

LeafGuard aims to provide every home with a permanent solution to gutter clogs, eliminating overflow, cleaning, and water damage. 

Product Details

Unlike traditional gutter guards that fit over the top of your current gutters, LeafGuard provides a patented all-in-one system that replaces your traditional rain gutter system and gutter guards. The one-piece design features a built-in reverse curve gutter guard to increase water flow and eliminate clogs. 

LeafGuard systems use surface tension, also known as liquid adhesion. Rainwater travels from your roof, around the hood of your gutter guard, and into your gutter while deflecting leaves and debris toward the ground.  

The custom-fit and non-invasive installation on your fascia boards keep your roof’s warranty intact, and the all-climate gutter protection systems comprise thick aluminum and extra-wide downspouts for increased functionality and durability, even during heavy rain. All LeafGuard gutter guards are available in 12 color options to match the aesthetic of your home.

Cost of LeafGuard

LeafGuard’s custom services make universal pricing impossible. However, the gutter guard company offers free in-person estimates. As a guide, most professional seamless gutter installations cost between $800 to $2,866, and professional gutter guard installation costs an average of $1,833. 

How LeafGuard Works

LeafGuard offers a unique, all-in-one solution to clogged gutters and routine gutter maintenance operating on the principle of liquid adhesion using a four-step process. 

  1. Seamless design: LeafGuard’s custom-fit, one-piece design eliminates seams and gaps for optimal performance. 
  2. Curved hood: The curved hood of the built-in reverse curve gutter guard covers your entire gutter, creating a protective barrier. Rainwater flows down your roof, adheres to your hood using liquid adhesion, and flows into your gutters while deflecting leaves, pine needles, insects, and more to the ground. 
  3. Extra-wide downspouts: Each system is equipped with large downspouts to handle high volumes of water, reducing your risk of flooding and water damage.
  4. Debris-shedding slope: The unique hood combines with the custom slope of your gutter system to ensure leaves and debris shed efficiently, helping eliminate regular cleaning and gutter maintenance

Installation Process

LeafGuard installers will inspect and install your protective gutter system using a convenient three-step process.

  1. Inspection: Request a free estimate and schedule your inspection with a LeafGuard sales rep to evaluate your project’s needs. 
  2. Installation: After scheduling your installation date, your technician will remove your old gutters and fabricate your new system onsite, saving you time and money. The simple process usually takes one day.
  3. Product support: LeafGuard provides customer support for the lifetime of your product.


LeafGuard offers a clog-free guarantee. If debris ever clogs your system, a dedicated technician will clean out and repair your system for free. 

Every high-quality LeafGuard protection system features Scratchguard paint backed by a lifetime warranty. LeafGuard guarantees the protective Scratchguard paint finish will not chip, blister, flake, crack, peel, rot, or rust. If it does under normal conditions, the company will refinish your gutters for free. 

It is important to note that all warranty conditions are voided for homes within half a mile of the coast. 

How to Get a Quote and Order Service

LeafGuard makes it easy to request a quote and schedule your free inspection. 

Step 1: Start by visiting LeafGuard’s homepage. Complete the form by entering your name, ZIP code, and phone number. Scroll to click, “I Agree.” 

You also can call 1-800-LeafGuard for your free estimate.

LeafGuard home page with estimate form

A confirmation screen will appear, and you can expect to receive a phone call from a salesperson to schedule your free inspection. 

LeafGuard Customer Reviews

Pricey: “LeafGuard’s gutters are beautiful but expensive. They work really well, and overall, I am happy with my purchase.”—Richard, Google

Quality product: I am so happy with LeafGuard. The installation was excellent, and the quality product is great. I highly recommend LeafGuard for your gutter needs”.—Kellie, Trustpilot

Superior customer service: “LeafGuard did an excellent job. The job was completed in three hours, and the technician walked me through my new system. They cleaned up thoroughly, and I am so thrilled to have my new gutter protection system.”—William J., BBB

Overall rating: 4.0

LeafGuard holds an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. Our rating is based on the average star rating for 1,500 reviews found on Trustpilot, Google, and Better Business Bureau.

Pros and Cons of LeafGuard

Customers appreciate the sleek aesthetics, one-piece design, and workmanship of LeafGuard’s gutter systems and the quality of the installers. However, many customers claim the product is expensive, and some experts note that reverse curve systems are outdated. 

✔ Seamless and durable construction
✔ Lifetime finish warranty
✔ Clog-free guarantee
✘ Pricing information unavailable
✘ Professional installation only
✘ Outdated design freezes, leading to ice dams and icicles

Alternatives to LeafGuard

LeafGuard’s all-in-one gutter protection system is a comprehensive solution to gutter maintenance, but it is not the only company helping homeowners eliminate clogged gutters. Let’s look at some of LeafGuard’s best gutter guard competitors. 

  • Gutter Helmet’s nose-forward design and solid construction protect your gutters from large and small debris and prevent water damage and insect infestation.  
  • LeafFilter’s micro-mesh gutter guards fit over your existing gutters and protect your home from future water damage, covering an impressive 43 states. Check out our comprehensive LeafFilter review for more information.

FAQ About LeafGuard

Can I DIY install a LeafGuard system?

No. LeafGuard’s custom-fit systems require professional installation. The company offers free inspections and installation services in 36 states. 

Is LeafGuard compatible with different roof types? 

Yes. LeafGuard systems work with various styles of roofs and roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, metal, slate, and tile. 

Are reverse curve gutter guards outdated?

Yes and no. Many experts believe reverse curve gutter guards are outdated, favoring alternative solutions like screens or micro-mesh. Many companies like LeafGuard claim reverse curve systems are self-cleaning.

However, many homeowners note that the top of their gutter protection system remains clean because of regular downpours, but the inner lip of the curve requires regular cleaning and debris removal thanks to buildup caused by oils and dirt from shingles and other roofing materials traveling around the system. 

Are LeafGuard’s Gutter Guards Right for Your Home?

LeafGuard offers a one-and-done solution to new gutter and gutter guards in 12 color options and promises to lower the maintenance needs of your system. 

If you’re in the market for new gutters and want a built-in protection system, contact a representative at LeafGuard to learn how the all-in-one system can cut down on your gutter cleaning. If you want to hear about more options or need other gutter services, we can connect you with a local gutter company.

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