Gutterglove Review: Universal Fit and 4.9% Consumer Rating

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As a homeowner considering gutter guards, Gutterglove is one of several reliable companies and products available to keep your gutters clog-free. But is Gutterglove the right choice for your gutter guards? Our comprehensive Gutterglove review includes product details, cost, customer reviews, and more. 

Gutterglove at a Glance

Product Specifications

Gutter Guard TypeMicro-mesh
MaterialsStainless steel and anodized aluminum
ColorsSilver (metal)
Attachment MethodsNon-invasive
Installation typeDIY gutter guard kit or professional installation
Warranty40-year limited


Online quote and estimate
Free inspectionDependent on local DoneRight by Gutterglove certified installer
DIY Gutter Guard Kit$15 to $280

Company Highlights

Gutterglove CEO Robert Lenney wasn’t happy with the way traditional gutter guards performed, so he invented Gutterglove gutter guards, launching in 2000 to fill the gap in performance standards.   

Today, the company manufactures contractor-grade stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards for certified Gutterglove DoneRight installers and DIYers, with the mission to ensure every U.S. home has gutter guards. 

What Are Gutter Guards and How Do They Work?

Gutter guards, or gutter covers, prevent debris like leaves, twigs, and shingle grit from clogging your gutters and downspouts. The protection system allows water to flow through your gutters while blocking unwanted materials. Gutter guards come in various forms, each with their own functionality, including mesh, screens, foam inserts, and solid covers.

Gutter guards maintain proper water flow and reduce the need for regular gutter cleaning, protecting your home’s foundation. 

Gutterglove Key Features

Gutterglove aims to equip every home in North America with gutter guards. Its products offer a range of key features that set its gutter guards apart from traditional options. 

Product Details

No matter if you choose a professional or DIY installation, Gutterglove’s gutter guards are made with durable, high-quality materials. They are 100% metal and have universal compatibility, fitting over any existing gutter style. The patented system elevates debris, so it blows off naturally with its v-bend technology, and the stainless steel micro-mesh resists warping and rusting. 

Gutterglove products use non-invasive installation techniques, including self-tapping screws and 3M high-bond tape to attach the system to your roof’s fascia, drip edge, or gutters. Gutterglove offers only one color option, silver, because its product is virtually invisible from ground level, making color matching unnecessary. 

Gutterglove offers stainless steel micro-mesh DIY kits and DoneRight professionally installed gutter guards under three brands: 

  • Gutterglove Pro
  • LeafBlaster Pro
  • MicroMesh Pro

Cost of Gutterglove

Gutterglove offers mix-and-match DIY gutter guard kits costing between $15 to $280, depending on the size of your home. The company partners with DoneRight by Gutterglove certified contractors to install its premium product lines.

Many local contractors offer financing options and free inspections. Cost determination relies on many factors, including accessibility, roof pitch, and region. However, the average traditional gutter guard installation costs $1,448.

How Gutterglove Works

Micro-mesh gutter guards are highly effective at preventing debris from entering your gutters while ensuring proper water flow. Gutterglove’s fine, stainless steel mesh and v-bend technology filters debris, pine needles, leaves, and shingle grit, preventing clogs and keeping you off your ladder. 

Micro-mesh guards are compatible with new and existing gutter systems, and Gutterglove’s products offer a universal fit, durability, and a low-profile appearance to blend seamlessly with your roofline and gutters. 

DIY Installation Process

Channel your inner Tim the Toolman Taylor and pick up one of Gutterglove’s mix-and-match DIY kits, or let a certified Gutterglove contractor handle climbing the ladder for you. 

  1. Pre-install: Clean your gutters to prepare them for your new Gutterglove gutter guards, ensuring you perform any necessary repairs to address leaks, loose sections, or overflow.  

    Follow up your pre-installation cleaning by identifying your roof slope to help determine your installation method. 
  1. Install: Use Gutterglove’s guide to learn how to cut and join sections, handle corners and end caps, bend the mesh, and remove gaps to ensure the best fit. 
  1. Support: Every Gutterglove product comes with a maintenance guide for your new gutter guards, a warranty, and customer support information. 


Gutterglove’s pro lineup offers a 40-year limited parts warranty. This warranty decreases to 10 years for homes in coastal regions because of heavy chlorides in the air. The company defines coastal regions as any home within 5 miles of the coast. Local DoneRight contractors often provide a labor warranty on top of Gutterglove’s parts warranty.  

DIY’ers can register their new products for a 25-year limited parts warranty. Like Gutterglove’s pro line, the warranty for DIY kits drops to 10 years for homes in coastal areas.  

How to Get a Quote and Order Service

Homeowners can purchase DIY kits at major retailers, including Costco, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, Sam’s Club, and Menards.

Requesting an estimate for professional DoneRight installation in your area is easy. 

Step 1: Visit Gutterglove’s homepage and click “Get Started.”

A screenshot of Gutterglove's home page

Step 2: Select “Install It Myself” to see a list of retailers or “Find a Local Installer” to be connected with a certified DoneRight installer.

A screenshot of the DIY or pro selection screen

Step 3: Select the product you are interested in having installed or select, “Any Pro Product by Gutterglove” to have your local professional help you decide.

A screenshot of the gutter guard product selection screen

Step 4: Complete the form and a certified DoneRight professional installer will contact you. 

The form you fill out to get professional  installation

Gutterglove Customer Reviews

Easy installation: I purchased Gutterglove’s DIY kit after receiving two high-priced quotes for gutter guards. I finished installing the product along one side of my house in under 2 hours with just tin snips. I’m in my 50s and thrilled I was able to install gutter guards on my own.Kenneth P., Trustpilot

Excellent product: “Gutterglove uses a finer mesh than a previous product I had installed on my gutters. Instead of maple leaves and twigs getting stuck in my gutter guards, they blow right off. Installation was a breeze and the directions were simple. The gutter guards are a quality product.”  – Doug D., Sitejabber

Reasonable price: “Gutterglove’s contractor quoted me a very fair price and did a fantastic job installing my new guards. The team cleaned up all the organic debris from cleaning my system and put me on a regular gutter cleaning schedule to maintain my new guards.”  – George D., Birdeye

Overall rating: 4.9

Our rating is based on the average star rating for 10,000 reviews found on Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Birdeye, and Home Depot.

Pros and Cons of Gutterglove

Customers love the easy-install DIY kits and the option to upgrade to a professional installation. Unfortunately, many homeowners noted the DIY options causing ice dams in cold regions and damage to shingles. The reduced warranty in coastal regions also leaves many customers wondering how durable the gutter guards are. 

✔ Works with most roof types, including metal
✔ Works with an existing or new gutter system
✔ Raised v-bend, fine, micro-mesh design
✔ DIY and professional installation available
✘ Unavailable pricing information
✘ Customer service, pricing, and financing vary between contractors and locations
✘ Warranty reduces to 10 years for coastal regions
✘ DIY gutter guards cause ice dams and shingle damage

Alternatives to Gutterglove

There is more than one gutter company helping homeowners cut down on their gutter maintenance. Have a look at some of Gutterglove’s competitors. 

  • HomeCraft Gutter Protection uses ultra-fine mesh and raised screen technology to elevate debris. The professionally installed systems fit most gutters, and the reinforced hidden hangers provide durability and curb appeal. We’ve reviewed HomeCraft gutter guards, as well as directly compared them to Gutterglove.
  • LeafGuard provides professionally-installed, one-piece, reverse-curve gutter systems using 20% thicker aluminum that can handle over three times the record rainfall ever recorded. The seamless system replaces your existing gutters and comes with a clog-free guarantee. Check out our LeafGuard review for more information.
  • EASYON Gutter Guard offers aluminum and stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards in easy-to-install DIY kits available in most home improvement retailers.
  • Amerimax’s DIY Metal Lock-in Gutter Guards come in easy-to-install sections and work with metal K-style gutters. The pre-notched design overlaps to eliminate gaps, while the powder-coated steel mesh deflects most small and large debris.
  • FlexxPointPro Gutter Covers provides professional installation and DIY gutter guard options composed of heavy-duty aluminum to resist corrosion. The gutter cover system features a unique, raised design to prevent clogs and allow water to flow freely. 

FAQ About Gutterglove

How long do Gutterglove gutter guards last? 

Gutterglove’s gutter guards resist rust and are constructed from lightweight anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The gutter covers feature a 40-year warranty, and with proper maintenance, should last the lifetime of your gutter system. 

Can icicles form on my Gutterglove gutter guards?

Yes. Icicles can form on any gutter guard, and gutter guards do not prevent ice dams. All gutters and gutter guards will freeze if the temperature is low enough. The best gutter guards for cold climates slope away from your roof or feature a built-in heat cable, allowing snow and ice to melt quickly. Check out our heated gutter guide to decide what works best for you.

Will Gutterglove gutter guards react with metal roofs and gutters?

Yes and no. Corrosion occurs whenever dissimilar metals are close and exposed to water. Gutterglove’s DIY kits come with 3M high-bond, double-sided adhesive for installation on metal roofs and gutter systems. The heavy-duty tape provides a protective layer between the two metals. Additionally, you can apply a protective coating to your gutter guards to prevent corrosion.  

Can Gutterglove’s gutter guards be installed on any type of gutter?

Yes. Gutterglove’s guards offer a universal fit for new and existing gutters. The gutter protection systems are compatible with most gutter types, including half-round, K-style, and box-style gutters.  

Our Verdict: Gutterglove is an excellent choice

Cleaning gutters is a dirty job that requires moving your ladder what seems like hundreds of times. Gutter guards help eliminate some of your annual maintenance and provide peace of mind and protection against potential water damage. 

Gutterglove’s gutter guard products are an excellent choice whether this is your first time purchasing gutter covers or you’ve been around this block before. If you’re in the market for new gutter guards, contact a local DoneRight installer to learn more, or head to your local home improvement store to check out some of the DIY offerings. 

If you need any other gutter service, from gutter installation to cleaning, we can connect you with local gutter pros who will get the job done.

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