Gutterglove vs. HomeCraft Gutter Guards Review

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Gutterglove and HomeCraft are two of the national leaders among rain gutter protection companies. So, which product will give you the results you’re looking for? Our Gutterglove vs. HomeCraft comparison covers products, prices, warranties, consumer ratings, and more.

Our goal? We want you to be able to pick the best gutter guard company and gutter guards for your home. You have a lot of choices out there, so we’ve done the research for you to compare and contrast Gutterglove and HomeCraft’s gutter guards.

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Gutterglove and HomeCraft Overview

Gutterglove began in 1996. Company co-founder Rober Lenney had been cleaning gutters professionally and noticed that none of the commercially available gutter guards were performing as expected. He diverted his efforts to developing a more effective gutter guard system, founding Gutterglove in 2000. 

Gutterglove manufactures and installs stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards that are designed to fit any roof configuration. The Gutterglove system can be installed professionally or by a handy DIYer. 

HomeCraft Gutter Protection is the result of father-son duo Steve and Corey Cochran. They, too, realized that they had the capacity and know-how to create a better gutter guard than what was available at the time. In 2016, they started HomeCraft out of a small warehouse with the help of one call agent and one marketer. 

Today, HomeCraft provides gutter protection services with its micro-mesh gutter guards in 12 states. 

Product Details

When comparing Gutterglove and Homecraft, the first place to start is their products. There are several different types of gutter guard, but micro-mesh gutter guards are increasingly recognized as one of the best at preventing clogs. 

Gutterglove and HomeCraft gutter guards are both made from finely woven stainless steel micro-mesh supported by a heavy-duty aluminum frame, making them some of the best designs available for keeping debris out of your gutters. The mesh is fine enough to block even small debris such as pine needles and insects, while still allowing water to flow through. 

These products are intended to fit any gutter, from half-round to K-style. They use a non-invasive installation that attaches directly to your roof’s fascia. HomeCraft’s gutter guards use reinforced, hidden metal hangers, and Gutterglove utilizes self-tapping screws or 3M high-bond tape.

The 316-micron stainless steel micro-mesh of Gutterglove’s gutter guards features patented V-Bend technology that improves water flow and elevates debris, allowing it to blow off the surface naturally. HomeCraft gutter guards use a similar raised screen technique with a diamond pattern stamped into their 304 marine-grade stainless steel micro-mesh. And both gutter guards are highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and warping.  

Product Summary

Mesh type304 marine-grade steel316-micron steel
Installation hardwareReinforced metal hangersSelf-tapping screws or high-bond tape
Resists rustYesYes
Resists corrosionYesYes
Resists warpingYesYes

Estimates and Installation

Just like any other home improvement project, it’s important to understand the cost of installing gutter guards before you have a contractor on a ladder outside your home. Fortunately, HomeCraft and Gutterglove offer their customers free estimates.  

Gutterglove works through their DoneRight Partner Program, which incentivizes their local network of contractors for the installation of their products. If you visit their website and input your contact information, a DoneRight installer will contact you to provide a quote.

With HomeCraft, you can give them basic information about your zip code and the size of your home, and a representative will visit to discuss your options. They will also demonstrate the gutter guards and answer any questions you have. 

Both companies have options for professional installation, though only Gutterglove allows a DIY installation for home improvement enthusiasts. Once you have a quote, you will just need to schedule your installation. A technician will come out to clean and seal your gutters before installing your GutterGlove or HomeCraft gutter guards. 


Both companies stand behind their products with warranties.

HomeCraft offers their customers peace of mind with a transferable lifetime warranty on their gutter guards. If you ever decide to sell your home, the warranty would transfer to the new homeowner instead of lapsing. 

GutterGlove’s pro-install and DIY gutter guards come with a 40-year limited warranty that covers the repair or replacement of any parts. Notably, homeowners living in coastal areas, which GutterGlove defines as any area within five miles of the coast, will receive a 10-year limited parts warranty instead. Contractors with the DoneRight Partner Program may, at their discretion, also offer their own warranties on top of GutterGlove’s parts warranty.

Availability and Pricing

HomeCraft and Gutterglove’s professionally installed gutter guards are available through each company’s website. You can schedule a contractor to come out and install your gutter guards at your convenience. Gutterglove also sells kits for DIY gutter guard installations at the following retailers:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Amazon
  • Sam’s Club
  • Costco
  • Menards

The installation cost of your gutter guards varies depending on the size of your home, the linear footage of the gutter guard, and other factors determined during your free estimate. Neither company goes into detail about the exact cost of their gutter guard installation. However, homeowners typically spend between $5.75 and $12.75 per linear foot, with the average total cost for gutter guards coming out to $1,305.  

Meanwhile, the price of Gutterglove’s commercially available gutter guard kits changes depending on individual retailers’ price points. Customers pay, on average, between $15 and $215 for these kits.

What Do the Customers Have to Say?

With so many similarities between these two gutter guard companies and their products, it’s important to look at what their customers have to say about each company and their products. Fortunately, both HomeCraft and Gutterglove are listed on multiple review sites, so there is a healthy selection of reviews you can scour.


HomeCraft received mostly positive reviews on the professionalism of their representatives, the responsiveness of their customer service, and the quality of the gutter guards. Reviewers occasionally dinged HomeCraft for miscommunications, pushy sales tactics, and issues with individual contractors. 

Overall Rating: 4.3

Our rating for HomeCraft is based on the average star rating for customer reviews found on Sitejabber, Google, Trustpilot

Pleased with the service: “Homecraft installed leaf guards on our gutters. We were very pleased with the service provided. Everything was performed in a professional and courteous manner.” – Hope S., Google

Super simple installation: “Homecraft came out and gave us an estimate for free, the installation process was super simple and the installation team was easy to work with. Overall the experience was great and we are super happy with our new gutters & gutter guards.” – Sara C., BBB

Best gutter protection system: “The company is solid and professional. They rep the best gutter protection system hands down and it’s worth every penny. They listen and work with you on any issues you may have. No complaints here.” – Brian B., TrustPilot 


Customers seem equally enamored with Gutterglove’s DoneRight professional installation and their DIY gutter guard kits. Both the quality of the gutter guards and the ease of their installation garner praise across multiple review sites. The company does sometimes get dinged for poor customer service interactions, and some users feel that their limited warranty leaves something to be desired. 

Overall Rating: 4.7

Our rating for Gutteglove is based on the average star rating for customer reviews found on Sitejabber, Google, and Trustpilot.

Highly recommended: “Gutterglove Pro gutter guards are fantastic. I have oak, red pine and maple trees in my yard and these definitely keep my gutters clean. I highly recommend these guards. Very high quality, easy to install. Well worth the investment.” – Bill W., Sitejabber 

Pretty easy work: “The company is solid and professional. They rep the best gutter protection system hands down and it’s worth every penny. They listen and work with you on any issues you may have. No complaints here.” – Kenneth P., TrustPilot

Very impressed: “We were impressed with Gutterglove from start to finish. Their salesperson, installers, and follow up customer support calls were personal and professional. A great experience!” – Sue R., Google 

GutterGlove Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to replace your existing gutters to have GutterGlove gutter guards installed?

You don’t need to replace your existing gutters at all. GutterGlove gutter guards are designed to fit any roof and gutter equally, whether you have them installed professionally or with a DIY approach. 

Can GutterGlove gutter guards prevent ice dams?

Ice dams occur when melted snow runs to the edge of your roof where it refreezes into a solid block. Unfortunately, GutterGlove gutter guards cannot prevent this phenomenon. But, they will allow runoff from the ice dam to flow into your gutter without carrying debris into your downspout. 

How long does it take to install GutterGlove gutter guards yourself?

The amount of time it takes to install a gutter guard kit depends on the size and style of your gutters. However, each kit comes with a set of instructions to guide you through installation, and GutterGlove’s customer service is available to answer your questions. 

HomeCraft Frequently Asked Questions

Can HomeCraft gutter guards handle a heavy downpour?

Yes. The micro-mesh screen is designed to optimize the flow of water through it while filtering out debris such as leaves, pine needles, and grit from roof shingles. Even in heavy rain, water will pass through the gutter guard and be directed away from your house. 

Do Homecraft gutter guards have a DIY option?

At this time, HomeCraft does not offer DIY gutter guards. Only a qualified professional contractor associated with HomeCraft Gutter Protection can install their gutter guards.

How sturdy are HomeCraft gutter guards?

HomeCraft gutter guards are made with durability in mind, with 304 marine-grade stainless steel and a powdered aluminum frame. Despite being lightweight enough to conform and fit your gutters without a substructure, these gutter guards will last for decades as long as you care for them.

Gutterglove or Homecraft for Your Gutter Guards?

HomeCraft and GutterGlove are companies that offer a gutter guard that fits most, if not every roof and gutter. If you want to seriously cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning your gutters and fighting clogs caused by debris buildup, a high-quality gutter guard is the best possible choice for doing so.

While we can’t make a decision for you pertaining to which company has the best gutter guards suited for your needs, we hope that you will turn to the information we’ve presented when you are in the market for gutter protection. If you need assistance deciding on a gutter guard brand or any other gutter service, connect with a local gutter company.

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