LeafFilter vs. HomeCraft Gutter Guards Review

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Gutter maintenance is a pain. Yearly cleanups, occasional repairs, and replacements can seem overwhelming. Installing gutter guards can help, and two of the leading gutter guard companies in the nation are LeafFilter and HomeCraft.

Both companies offer high-quality gutter guards along with inspection, installation, replacement, and maintenance services. But details matter, and if you’re in the market for gutter guards, you’ll benefit from a side-by-side comparison of their products.

We’ve done the research for you to provide an in-depth look at the quality, price and service these companies offer.

In this review of LeafFilter and HomeCraft, we’ll cover:

LeafFilter vs. HomeCraft Overview

Here’s what LeafFilter and HomeCraft Gutter Protection look like, at a glance:

Company Information

BBB RatingA+B
Installation OptionsProfessional installationProfessional installation
Product (s)Gutter guardsGutter guards
Additional Service (s)Cleaning, pitch correction, sealing, repairing, and installing new gutters if old ones are ineffectiveCleaning, realigning, sealing, securing, and installing new gutters if they’re damaged  
No. of States Served47 states (all except Alaska, Arizona, and Hawaii)12 (including Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Texas)
Online Customer PortalYesYes


Initial Inspection and QuoteFreeFree
Provides Online EstimateNo, requires at-home inspection No, at-home inspection 
Financing Yes Yes 
Discounts 10% for military personnel and seniorsOnce a year discounts

Product Information

Gutter Guard TypeMicro-mesh Micro-mesh 
Attachment StyleInternal structural hangersNon-invasive 
Gutter Guard Materials 275-micron steel mesh, surgical-grade stainless steel304 marine-grade stainless steel, coated aluminum
Blocks Which Type of DebrisDirt, pollen, pine needles, shingle grits, sticks, and twigsLeaves, pine needles, shingle grit, and dirt
WarrantyLimited lifetime, transferableLifetime transferable

LeafFilter vs. HomeCraft: Company Backgrounds

You must’ve come across LeafFilter and HomeCraft Gutter Protection during your research for gutter guards. Chances are, you don’t know anything more than the name and the products they offer. Let’s get to know both companies a little better:

LeafFilter Gutter Protection started in the basement of its owner and founder, Matt Kaulig, back in 2005. The company has grown rapidly and now operates offices all across North America. Born in Hudson, Ohio, LeafFilter is now a major home improvement company with its market-leading gutter cover system.   

The company bagged multiple awards and is widely recognized by a number of review sites, customers and media outlets for its pro-installed gutter guard systems. LeafFilter’s mission is to create the best gutter cover solution for its customers. 

HomeCraft Gutter Protection came into being when a father-son duo, working for a competing company, thought they could make a better, more efficient product. And they did. They started from a small warehouse in 2016 and then steadily spread to 12 states, concentrated mainly in the South. 

Starting with one marketer, one call agent, and two owners, HomeCraft has blossomed into a major home improvement company that has served more than 20,000 customers to date. Their vision is to become the go-to source for gutter protection and provide a permanent solution to clogged gutters.

LeafFilter vs. HomeCraft: Product Features and Services

Both these companies create and sell gutter guards that promise a clog-free gutter system. Let’s explore the details of their products indepth so you can pick out the similarities and differences and pick what suits your needs better. 

LeafFilter Gutter Guards

LeafFilter offers a patented, three-piece gutter guard system designed to prevent even small debris from entering your gutters. These gutter guards are engineered to fit all kinds of gutters. 

There are three components of this system that combine forces to do the job:

  • 275-micromesh screen is made from a strong, surgical-grade stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode. The screen is so fine that LeafFilter claims not even the tiniest shingle grit can make it through. It allows only water to pass through and drain smoothly into the gutters. 
  • uPVC frame offers much-needed support to the stainless steel micro-mesh screen on your gutter cover. This frame also comes with a built-in pitch that redirects water and blocks grit and other derbis. 
  • Structural hangers fasten the gutter to the fascia board of the house. These hangers single-handedly secure the entire system in place and make sure there are no sagging or wobbling incidents. 

In addition to setting up your gutter guard system, LeafFilter also offers to repair and install gutters. For instance, if your gutters are old and damaged enough to be ineffective, the gutter expert will install new ones before they work on the gutter guard system. 

HomeCraft Gutter Guards

HomeCraft gutter guards consist of:

  • Raised screen technology: HomeCraft creates 304 marine-grade, stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards with special raised screen technology. The micro-mesh is very finely woven to allow nothing but water through it. The design also features raised diamonds to make sure even small debris is elevated and gives way for water to easily flow through. 
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame: The frame is flexible enough to fit most gutters. There are also no substructures underneath the mesh, which means water can easily flow without any obstructions. 
  • Metal hangers: These gutter guards are installed with metal hangers that connect with the facia boards. These hangers attach the gutter guards securely to the house and make sure they don’t sag with time. 

HomeCraft experts will help you figure out what kind of debris you usually get and suggest the best gutter guard that can handle your roof-and-area-specific mess. Other than installing gutter guards, they also replace and even put in new gutters if you need them.

LeafFilter vs. HomeCraft: Cost

Price is an important factor in deciding which gutter guards to buy. We get that. So, let’s take a look at how these gutter companies estimate their costs. 

LeafFilter Cost

LeafFilter does not advertise their exact prices online. This is because the price will depend on many factors: the scope of your project, the weather, the condition of your current gutters, and the linear footage of your system. 

When you request a quote from LeafFilter, an estimator will give you a free in-home inspection and assess the work needed for your gutters. 

HomeCraft Cost

Like LeafFilter, HomeCraft also doesn’t provide pricing information on its website. They do, however, explain how your gutter guard estimate will be influenced by the linear footage, roof shape, and current situation of your gutters. 

The company offers at-home, free inspections to quote exact prices to its customers. 

LeafFilter vs. HomeCraft: Appointment Process

Since both companies require an at-home inspection before providing a quote for your gutter guard project, we tested how well this process works. 

For LeafFilter, you simply go to LeafFilter.com, feed in your ZIP code, and tap “Get Estimate”. The next few pop-ups will ask you to tell the estimated square footage and levels of your home, your citizen status, and your contact information. An estimator will then reach out to you and schedule a visit to give you a no-obligation LeafFilter quote.

Getting an estimate from HomeCraft is just as simple, HomeCraft homepage asks you to enter your ZIP code and hit “Get Free Estimate.” Fill in the pop-up form with details about your gutters and home and submit. A representative will contact you and schedule an appointment for a free inspection. 

The process seemed super simple and response time was great for both companies. 

LeafFilter vs. HomeCraft: Availability and Locations

If you still haven’t made your decision, maybe knowing which company serves your state will help. 

LeafFilter Locations

The company’s products and services are available in 47 states and also has offices in Canada. LeafFilter is NOT available in Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii.

HomeCraft Locations

HomeCraft is currently offering its products and services in select cities across 12 states. HomeCraft gutter guards are available in:

  • Alabama
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois 
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin

LeafFilter vs. HomeCraft: Warranties

Both companies offer lifetime transferable warranties. This means that if you sell your home, the warranty will transfer to the new homeowner. Their warranties cover gutter guard systems and make sure you never have to worry about blocked gutters again. 

However, LeafFilter does have certain limitations to the warranty. The lifetime warranty becomes void if:

  • The product sustains damage caused by uncontrollable acts of nature or structural changes
  • If you modify or alter the product and it impedes the flow of water
  • There is damage to fascia, gutters, roof surface, or substrate

LeafFilter vs. HomeCraft: Customer Reviews

User reviews on reliable websites such as Better Business Bureau (BBB) or TrustPilot help provide valuable insight about how satisfied customers are with the company. Here are some authentic reviews LeafFilter and HomeCraft received from their customers.

LeafFilter Reviews

The company holds an A+ rating from BBB but also receives some negative reviews. Several complaints were about the high prices, issues with estimates, and advertisement. However, the vast majority of customers were very satisfied. 

James B. awarded 5 stars to LeafFilter at BBB and said:

“I didn’t realize the difference it would make on my home. Not only is the water going where it’s supposed to be going – gutters, downspouts, away from the foundation – it’s not making as much noise falling onto the decks and porches, so it’s quieter around the house during a storm. So happy I made the decision to install LeafFilter on my home!”

Benjamin P. via BBB said:

“My experience was excellent. The representative was very professional and pleasant to talk to. He truly gave me a thorough understanding of the different types of gutter protection. I am completely satisfied with the purchase of my gutters from LeafFilter.”

HomeCraft Reviews

HomeCraft is fairly a new company and has only made it to a B rating at BBB. But we found many happy reviewers too:

Nicole D. said:

 I couldn’t be more pleased with HomeCraft’s gutter protection system. The sales representative explained everything and took the time to educate me instead of just giving me a price. The installation took place within two days and everything went smoothly. The manager even called to welcome me to HomeCraft and was very attentive and professional..” 

Randy. M was pleased with the price and quick gutter guard installation job:

“We had HomeCraft’s system installed today. The sales representative was friendly and professional. As new homeowners, she walked us through the product and installation process. The price was more than fair and the installation only took two hours.” 

LeafFilter vs. HomeCraft: Which Gutter Protection Company is Right for You?

If you’re still unsure about your decision, take a look at the pros and cons list we created for each company. 

LeafFilter Pros and Cons


  • High-quality, 275-micron stainless steel mesh
  • Will install new gutters if needed
  • Lifetime, transferable warranty


  • Will not give an exact price estimate online
  • Warranty limitations
  • Requires professional installation

HomeCraft Pros and Cons


  • Raised, diamond-shaped mesh design for better filtering
  • Works with existing gutters
  • Lifetime, transferable warranty
  • Good customer service


  • Pricing information not available online
  • Serves only 12 states
  • Aggressive marketing

LeafFilter vs. HomeCraft: Our Verdict

Best Choice


4.8 – 100,510 Reviews
  • Lifetime transferable warranty
  • Filters even the smallest debris particles
  • Installation is done only by professionals

FAQ About LeafFilter Gutter Protection

Will LeafFilter Install Gutters?

If the estimator figures that your current gutters need a replacement after the initial inspection, then LeafFilter will install new gutters. 

Does LeafFilter Need Regular Cleaning?

Contrary to what they claim, you will have to clean your LeafFilter gutter guards to make sure they catch all the small and large debris and don’t end up clogging and weighing down your gutters altogether. 

How Long Will LeafFilter Last?

If maintained properly, the LeafFilter gutter guard system may last you a lifetime. 

FAQ About HomeCraft Gutter Protection

Can HomeCraft Gutter Guards Handle Heavy Rainfall?

Yes. The raised mesh screen makes sure no leaves, twigs, or debris enters the gutter system while allowing a steady flow of water so that water flows away from your house even in the heaviest rainstorms.

Can You Install HomeCraft Gutter Guards Yourself?

No, DIY gutter guards are not an option with HomeCraft. You need them professionally installed by a trained person.

Will You Have to Replace Existing Gutters to Get HomeCraft Gutter Protection?

No, these gutter guards are designed to fit onto your existing gutters. 

Will Gutter Guards Prevent Ice Dams?

No. Gutter guards are not designed to do that. The best a gutter guard system can do is allow the ice and snow to slope away from your house so ice and snow melts quickly and doesn’t stay long enough to block the gutters. 

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