8 Reasons to Hire a Gutter Cleaning Pro

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Similar to other home maintenance tasks, you may hesitate to hire pros to clean your home’s gutter system, opting to save money. Trained experts perform their tasks efficiently, safely, and with the right gutter cleaning tools to support them. To illustrate their superior expertise, we have come up with 8 reasons to hire a gutter cleaning pro, and why that little amount of money saved might not be worth it in the long run. 

8 Benefits of Hiring a Gutter Cleaning Pro

Can’t remember the last time you cleaned your gutters? That’s bad enough! If that’s the case, then you really need to get your gutters cleaned. Delaying this process means your gutters could suffer heavy damage, costing you more on repairs or replacements. 

We’ll start with one major difference between a professional and a homeowner with little to no experience. 

1. Proper Equipment

Professional gutter cleaning companies have the proper tools and equipment to care for your installed system. They include leaf blowers, proper extension ladders, safety gears, vacuums, gloves, and more. Having the proper tools and equipment leads to an easier and quicker cleaning process. 

2. Efficient Cleaning

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This is somewhat linked to having the proper equipment and tools. It’s not just a question of duration, but how efficient the cleaning process is. When left to the professionals, you won’t have to worry about blocked gutters until the next cleaning date. But if handled by an inexperienced homeowner, a single rainstorm may block the gutters again. Poorly cleaned gutters will lead to constant maintenance. 

3. Expert Advice and Inspection

It’s safe to say that professional cleaners will know more about gutters than the average homeowner. Through cleaning, they’ll be able to point out further issues and suggest necessary repairs to avoid bigger problems in the future. They could also provide some advice on how to keep your gutters or downspouts clear throughout the rainy season. 

4. Avoid Damaging the Gutters

Making it a DIY project could save you money. But if you damage more parts of the gutter than clean them, you’ll ironically spend more on repairs. This is why you should consider hiring professionals to clean your gutters for you. They know what they’re doing, and they possess the proper tools, so they won’t cause any more damage to your gutters. 

However, even professionals are prone to mistakes or accidents. If they damage parts of your gutter while cleaning, they will claim responsibility and fix it. You will not be charged for the repairs. 

5. Insured Professionals

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Generally, expert technicians or professional cleaners will be insured in case of accidents or injuries while providing their respective services. As mentioned above, even professionals make mistakes. It would make every homeowner feel better to have insured professionals working on their home improvement projects.

If you don’t go for insured professionals, you could be held financially responsible for property damage or injuries caused to the service provider.

6. Extend Gutter Life

Galvanized steel and aluminum gutters have an average lifespan of 20 years, while copper gutters can last more than 50 years. Whichever type is installed, you will get the most out of the gutter system through regular cleaning. Cracked or severely ruptured gutters will damage your home’s foundation, and lead to replacement projects that cost more than regular gutter cleaning. 

7. Convenience

If you contact a gutter cleaning company, you’ll be able to set a suitable date and time for professionals to show up at your home. If you’re lucky, they might even show up the same day! If you hire a team of pros, you could tend to your other chores while they finish cleaning your gutters. 

Overall, it’s convenient to have them show up on your approved date, while knowing they won’t leave until your gutters are clean and in tip-top shape. 

8. Peace of Mind

Knowing your home’s foundation is in good hands with clean and functioning gutters will help you sleep at night. Hiring professional cleaners to do the job thoroughly will give you a much needed peace of mind. Heavy rainfall won’t get you worried that your gutters might clog or fail. Hiring pros will let you feel relaxed and confident that water along the gutters will flow smoothly and away from your home. 

Signs Your Gutters Need Cleaning

plants growing in gutters and gutters clogged with leaves
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So you’re not sure whether it’s too early to clean your gutters, or whether you should immediately hire pros to get the job done. If you find yourself in either situation, you should look out for any of the following signs and hire pro cleaners before ending up with damaged gutters:

  • Plant growth: Plants will thrive when enough nutrients are present in the gutter system. The growth of plants will cause blockages and prevent water flowing through. 
  • Leaking basement: If this happens, then you may have waited too long. Water build-up due to clogged gutters may lead to basement floods. 
  • Staining and mildew: If you’re checking on your gutter system and notice some staining beneath it, then it definitely needs cleaning. You might also notice the pungent smell of mildew, indicating a bad water flow and debris being collected in the gutters. 
  • Sagging gutters: Collection of heavy debris will cause gutters to bend and sag, preventing them from carrying water away from the house. If kept unchecked, the gutters may even start pulling away from the house. 
  • Insect infestation: Moisture build-up and moss growth can damage the shingles. To make matters worse, insects will flock to organic waste present in the gutters and make it their home. 

Benefits of Cleaning Gutters

So we’ve covered the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service, but what about the positives of having clean gutters? Is there more to it than just preventing clogs?  

Let’s go through some of the benefits of having gutters cleaned, and how it saves you money in the long run. 

  • Eliminates nesting areas for pests that damage your home
  • Extends the roof’s lifespan
  • Boosts your home’s curb appeal
  • Prevents water damage to the basement
  • Prevents destruction of expensive landscaping: unmanaged clogged gutters can cause soil erosion, sweeping away plants and flowers
  • No ice dams in freezing temperatures
  • No puddles or water pools across your foundation

Professional Gutter Cleaning Costs

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Most homeowners can expect to spend between $105 to $375, or a national average of $240, for gutter cleaning services. Many factors affect the cost of gutter cleaning, such as the gutter width. 

When you request an estimate, some companies may ask basic questions that concern some of the factors, so make sure you know your home well enough to get the right answers! 

DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

Cleaning gutters may not be as difficult or complicated as installing them, but that doesn’t make it a straightforward DIY-friendly task. We covered how the pros get the job done right, so what are some measures that most homeowners don’t get right? 

  • Not using the right tools and equipment: Pros arrive with many different tools and supplies that help them clean the gutters faster. Without them, the cleaning process could last several hours or be incomplete. 
  • Not rinsing out the gutters: Small debris may still catch on seams within sectional gutters, creating a sticking point for the next batch of leaves or pine needles that find their way into the gutters. 
  • Waiting too long for the next cleaning date: The more you delay cleaning the gutters, the more tedious the process becomes. Regular cleaning won’t let the leaves and pine needles turn to sludge, making their removal less gross and time-consuming.
  • Not cleaning the roof: Most debris that ends up in the gutters comes from the roof during rainfall or snowmelt. It’s bad enough not cleaning the gutters, but ignoring the roof as well can only lead to more water damage.
  • Not using gutter guards: By no means are they perfect, but gutter guards can extend the time between cleanings and make the entire process easier. The next time you contact a gutter installation company, get an estimate and add them to your current system. 

FAQ About Gutter Cleaning

Are gutter guards a good idea? 

In short, yes. Gutter guards prevent leaves and other large debris from getting into your gutters. With them, your system will require less maintenance and cleaning. Some other benefits include:

-Reduced risk of property damage
-Fewer time-consuming cleanups
-Less chance of ice dam formation
-No pest infestations
-May increase your home’s resale value

As mentioned above, installing guards will not entirely eliminate gutter maintenance requirements. So it is important to remember that gutter systems will still require cleaning even with the guards. 

What are some safety tips for cleaning gutters? 

If your house is a single story with a small roof, then you might be able to clean the gutters provided you have the right tools. Additionally, here are some important safety tips to avoid harming yourself or damaging your home’s exterior:

Use the right type of ladder: Extension ladders are the safest way to go. If cleaning the gutters takes you several hours, then consider aluminum ladders. They are better suited for longer periods, and reduce fatigue. 
Use hand protection: Make sure you purchase the right type of protective gloves. They will prevent infection or cuts. 
Eye protection: Wear protective glasses to avoid debris or other infectious material from entering your eyes. 
Wear rubber shoes: Rubber shoes will help you avoid slipping off the roof or ladder. 
Beware of power lines: Working near power lines may put you at risk of being electrocuted. 
Notify someone: Do not attempt to clean the gutters alone. Whether it’s a friend, neighbor, or family member, notify someone that you’re about to clean the gutters and even ask them to remain as a spotter in case you need help. 

What are questions to ask a professional gutter cleaning company? 

Apart from checking their availability or getting a free quote, there are a few important questions you could ask before committing to a specific company. 

-What cleaning process do you use? (to help you understand their methods)
-What equipment do you use for cleaning gutters? 
-What are the safety measures taken by your team? 
-Are your technicians or cleaners insured? 

If you don’t get the answers you’re looking for, then you may contact another company. Doing so could help guarantee your satisfaction at the end of the cleaning process. 

Professional Cleaning for Gleaming Gutters

Accidents can happen when you least expect them. Cleaning rain gutters isn’t like washing a car or cleaning the landscape patio. For those who have a fear of heights, imagine them cleaning gutters on their two or three story house. The point is, cleaning your home’s gutters is a difficult task with the risk of falling or causing more damage to your home. 

When you hire a professional gutter cleaning service, that extra cost will give you a peace of mind and shiny gutters that look brand new. You’ll also worry less about constant repairs or expensive replacements as long as your gutters are in good condition. 

Looking to install gutter guards for added protection? Hire a local team of professionals to handle all your gutter cleaning needs and get them ready for the rainy season. 

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