How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost in 2024?

Gutter cleaning costs an average of $240 with most homeowners paying between $105 to $375 for the service, depending on the length of their gutters and other factors.

Rain gutters divert water from your home, safeguarding it and your landscaping against leaks, mold, rot, and erosion. While gutters feature a simple design, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, all with different price points and maintenance needs. 

One of the best ways to protect your home and extend the lifespan of your gutter system is to schedule biannual cleanings. You can expect to spend between $105 to $375, or a national average of $240, for gutter cleaning services.

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In this pricing guide, we’ll cover:

Average Costs of Gutter Cleaning in 2024

National Average Cost$240
Typical Price Range$105 – $375
Extreme Low-End Cost$75
Extreme High-End Cost$525

Cost estimates for your gutter cleaning expenses fall between $105 to $375, but many factors add additional costs. A single-story home with a 150-linear-foot gutter system could cost as little as $75, while a gutter system on a three-story home could set you back as much as $525 a service. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Experts recommend cleaning your gutters twice per year. This includes scheduling professional gutter cleaning services or DIY projects. It is important to note that cleaning is a condition of many gutter warranty terms. 

Gutter cleaning is part of your annual gutter maintenance plan. If your contractor discovers related repairs during your inspection, it is important to have them completed as soon as possible to maximize your system’s efficiency and safeguard your home.

Gutter Cleaning Cost Estimator By Size

The length of your gutters is one of the biggest factors impacting your project’s costs. The average U.S. home has between 150 to 200 linear feet of gutters. Every home’s system is unique depending on the climate, height, gutter type, roof pitch, and the number of downspouts.

Clogged gutters disrupt water flow, increasing your risk of leaks, mold, and foundation erosion. Gutter professionals typically charge per linear foot with additional fees for increased height, roof slope, or extra time needed. The typical costs range between $105 to $625 per service, or around $0.70 to $2.50 per linear foot.

Total Gutter Length*linear feetAverage Cleaning Cost*includes labor
100 feet$70 – $250
150 feet$105 – $375
200 feet$140 – $500
250 feet$175 – $625

Gutter Cleaning Cost Estimator By Number of Stories

Most companies offer increased rates for two- or three-story homes. These services include additional labor and materials costs. You can expect to spend almost double, between $195 to $370 for 150 linear feet of gutters on a two-story home.  

Number of StoriesAverage Cleaning Cost*includes labor
One$105 – $195
Two$195 – $370
Three$300 – $525 

Other Factors That Affect Cost

Most gutter systems require little maintenance outside of biannual cleaning. Overall, consider the following factors affecting your total cost:

  • Location: Higher cost of living in areas like New York or California affects the overall cost of your cleaning service.
  • Size: The size of your gutters in linear feet as well as width in inches affects labor costs.
  • Accessibility: One-story houses cost less than gutter cleanings on two-story homes. Additionally, the slope of your roof and the ease of access directly affects your total cost.
  • Cleaning frequency: The level of dirt and grime buildup on your system affects cost. Extremely dirty or clogged gutters requiring additional labor to clean will cost more than those on a regular cleaning schedule in good condition.

Gutter Type

There are two types of gutters – seamed and seamless. Seamless gutters are more durable. Professional installers custom-fabricate continuous gutters to fit your home.

Seamed gutters, also known as soldered or sectional gutters, are less reliable than seamless gutters. They are DIY-friendly and installed in sections, creating seams with welds, fasteners, soldering, screws, or sealant, depending on the material.

Seamed systems are less expensive and more prone to leaks and clogs than seamless gutters. Expect to spend 10% more for your gutter cleaning job if your home has a seamed system.   

Gutter Width

The most popular U.S. gutter width is 5 inches, with 6- and 7-inch widths available for homes located in areas with heavy annual rainfall. Extended-width gutters handle almost 50% more water and are recommended for steep roofs. Unfortunately, wider gutters mean more surface area to clean, increasing gutter cleaning prices by 5% or more. 


Pitched roofs with steep slopes are more dangerous to work on, affecting accessibility and increasing cleaning costs. You can expect to spend around 15% more per cleaning service if you have a roof with a steep slope. 

Downspout Cleaning 

Your gutters direct water to your home’s downspouts which run vertically, diverting the water away from your home. Clogged downspouts lead to backflows of water that pools on your roof or in your gutters which eventually overflows down the sides of your home, leading to mildew, leaks, rot, and damaged shingles or roofing materials. 

Professionals recommend cleaning your downspouts during your biannual gutter maintenance, or at least once a year. Expect to add between $50 to $100 each for downspout cleaning.    

Related Services 

Routine gutter cleaning should be part of your home and roof maintenance plans. Consider these related services.

Roof Inspection

If you detect moisture or suspect a roof leak caused by a clogged gutter, it is best to have a professional roof inspection as soon as possible. Your roofing material, home size, roof age, and location all affect the cost of your inspection. You can expect to spend between $120 to $320.

It is important to note that many companies offer a free inspection or waive the fee if you use their repair services. Your inspector will assess your roof and its components as well as your attic and foundation. 

Gutter Repair and Replacement

Gutters last around 20 years or more, and proper maintenance, including annual cleaning, increases the longevity of your system. 

Loose seams and joints are the most common and least expensive repairs, while a seamless gutter section replacement and repair costs as much as $2,000. Taking into consideration the severity of your repair needs, the length of the gutters, and the material of your gutters, expect gutter repairs to cost between $164 to $500 on repairs. 

Downspout Replacement

Downspouts protect your fascia boards and foundation by transporting water away from your home. If your gutters aren’t draining properly, it could be time to replace one or more of your home’s downspouts. 

A downspout comprises several components, including a downspout section, elbow, connector, clip or strap, and splash block. The largest factors affecting your downspout installation costs are material and size. On average, you can expect to spend between $25 to $250 per downspout section depending on the material.

Let’s break down the typical costs for the components of a downspout:

Downspout ComponentAverage Price
Downspout section$25 – $250
Elbow$15 – $75
Connector$2 – $75
Clip$1.50 – $25
Strap$3 – $60
Splash block$6 – $85
Extender *optional$10 – $135

Gutter Guard Installation

Gutter guards protect your gutters from organic debris, decreasing maintenance needs and lowering your risk for potential leaks. Professionals recommend installing them, and you can expect new gutter guards to cost $3.42 to $11.07 per linear foot, depending on the type and material. 

It is important to note that gutter guards increase your professional cleaning costs by 10% to 15%, but the peace of mind and benefits offset the additional costs.   

Gutter Maintenance Benefits

Gutters protect your home from mold, rot, and erosion. Your system’s maintenance frequency varies depending on gutter condition, the addition of gutter screens or guards, home square footage, location, and more. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your gutters provides many benefits, including: 

  • Prevents overflow and water damage
  • Extends the lifespan of your roof and gutter system
  • Reduces pests and rodents
  • Good-standing warranty

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

Professional gutter cleaning is your best option. It is worth the cost, even if annual maintenance is not part of your warranty agreement. Professional gutter cleaners can detect repair issues more easily before major problems occur.

It is always advisable to seek the help of a trained local gutter professional if you do not feel comfortable performing your own home improvement maintenance or repairs. But if you do DIY, there are several cleaning tools you can invest in to lower your annual cost of cleaning, and chances are good you probably already own a few.

DIY EquipmentAverage Cost
Ladder or extension ladder$125
Spray nozzle$10
Bucket s-hook$10
Heavy-duty rubber gloves$10
Safety goggles$15
Gutter scoop$10
Drain snake for downspouts$25
Leaf blower *optional$125
Pressure washer *optional$175
Telescopic gutter cleaner *optional$40

Ladder safety is the most important thing to remember when it comes to DIY gutter cleaning. Providers only recommend tackling the dirty job if you have a one-story home and are comfortable with heights.

Cost of Gutter Cleaning By Location

Gutter cleaning costs vary widely depending on location, cost of living, and the complexity of your roof. There is no way to know exactly what your cleaning services will cost without receiving free quotes from professional gutter companies in your area.  


What are the signs my gutters need to be replaced? 

Large storms with high winds or hail can leave your gutters battered. Other times, damage sneaks up on you because of poor maintenance habits. Watch for these signs it is time to replace your gutter system:

• Large gaps between sections 
• Sagging gutters 
• Cracks or broken seams
• Loose sections, fasteners, or hangers pulling away from fascia boards
• Peeling paint, faded finishes, or rust
• Mold or leaks
• Standing water on your lawn

How can I prevent clogs? 

While gutter guards are not an essential component of your gutter system, experts recommend having them installed. They protect your gutters from organic debris, decreasing maintenance needs and potential leaks. 

There are many types of gutter guards available on the market, and the best gutter guards for your home depend on your gutter style and materials. Gutter guard types include:

• Screens
• Mesh and micro-mesh
• Reverse-curve
• Brush guards
• Foam gutter guards 

Will gutter cleaning damage my painted gutters?

Yes and no. Painted gutters have specific maintenance needs, including refinishing every two to four years. In addition, high-pressure washing strips away paint, causing peeling, flaking, and bare spots. It is necessary to use light pressure from a traditional garden hose to clean painted gutters. 

Final Thoughts 

Routine gutter cleaning protects your home from potential water damage, saving you money. The average gutter cleaning costs $240, with service costs ranging between $105 to $375. If you are ready to have a local professional clean your system, contact a MyGutterGnome gutter cleaning company in your area to learn about your options. 

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